Stefan Muelhbauer- INCubatoredu Mentor, Champion and Coach! - arma communications

Helping our community is at the heart of Arma Communication’s values.  It is a piece of our motivational lifeline that keeps us moving forward as a team and as members of society.  It is an honor to be mentioned in the Collier Country Public Schools Entrepreneurship Program Newsletter.  Making a difference in the life of our youth of this county is an amazing privilege.



The history behind Stefan’s involvement with INCubatoredu

In October 2013, Stefan made the acquaintance of an exemplary individual, Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent of Collier County Public Schools.  In conversation, Dr. Patton mentioned the beginnings of a promising and innovative entrepreneurial program for high school students- INCubatoredu.  With the heart of an entrepreneurial business man, Stefan was immediately interested and wanted to become involved.

Soon thereafter, Stefan became a Member of the Advisory Board of INCubatoredu. After attending several meetings and discussing the program’s development and functionality, he felt the best way for him to make a difference was being in the trenches. He wanted to be a part of the program from the front lines- immersed with the students, having discussions, guiding visions, and sharing his knowledge directly.

By the spring of 2014, his first participation in the INCubatoredu class commenced, mentoring and teaching several sessions of the entrepreneurship program of Palmetto Ridge High School.  It was a challenging and exciting time!  Working on expanding the minds of young future entrepreneurs to reach their goals, in a cognitive, strategic, and resourceful manner made such an impact on Stefan, that he was beyond elated to continue his involvement in the program in 2015 and 2016.

Stefan is also the “Champion” of Palmetto Ridge High School.  He is a spokesperson, and avid cheerleader of the program.  He is in charge of community awareness of the program, finds fantastic volunteers, and seeks out donors.  Overall, he is a “Champion” in helping the program continue to thrive.  To this day, he also avidly continues as Member of the Advisory Board.


It is a pleasure to do what you love on a daily basis.  However, to be able to help enlighten and motivate the entrepreneurial spirit and help mold the paths of the young future entrepreneurs is an honor and a privilege!!!