Using BigstockPhoto and Lightboxes to Share Images for Your Website - arma communications

Bigstock is an essential online platform that sells a plethora of stock pictures, videos, and vectors from a vast number of categories. Bigstock adds to its library on a daily basis as photographers and designers from around the world submit their work. It’s got a wealth of useful stock images to make your website, graphic design or social media project shine…but selecting images which best match your clientele and business style is not always easy for an “outsider.”

In order to allow for the easy collection of images, Bigstock offers an efficient Lightbox feature, which enables you to categorize your pictures into a virtual folder.  All you need to do is set up a free account at and you can get started. And once complete, you’ll be able to share your favorite images with us, allowing us to work together in an organized and efficient manner.

Below is everything you need to know to get started.


Create Your Own Account on

Log onto ‘s company website and click “Sign Up” on tabs of upper right corner of webpage.



After you have selected the “sign up” option, you will be directed to the sign up window that will allow you to enter your contact information.  Please fill this form out accordingly, select “I agree to the Terms of Service” and then the “Sign up” button.



Once the following window appears with a few tips about getting started, you are able to “x” out of it to continue to your Bigstock experience.



The name you entered in the sign up window will appear on the right upper corner of the website.  Congratulations, your account has been created!




Setting Up Your First Lightbox

In order to find a picture or video of your choice, select “images” or “Videos”, from drop down arrow, and input the subject matter of the picture you are searching for.  In the following example, the search term “Panda Bears” was used to search images.  Just as on most search engines, it is suggested you use more than one search term if you are having difficulties finding the perfect image you are seeking.



Once you have found an image you want to save, hover your mouse over the picture until you are able to see a star and a shopping cart on bottom.   Select the star option, which will automatically save your picture.



Once you have saved, or “starred”, your first image, select “saved” on the upper menu bar.




You will be redirected to another page where your image is currently saved.  On the left side, you will have the option to “create a lightbox”.  Select the tab to start using this feature.



Once you have selected the “Create a Lightbox” option, you can categorize your saved images.  For the purpose of this tutorial, we selected the term “Panda” but you might want to call it “Share with Arma”, “Website Photos” or anything else which will help you identify the folder quickly.  Please mark the box for “make this lightbox public” to facilitate the use of these images, and then select “save”.




Fill Up Your Lightbox 

Now that your first Lightbox has been createdyou can return to your image search from the search box and add more images to your Lightbox folder.

When you hover over a new picture you would like to save, you will see a new “+” option.  By selecting the “+”, you can now save your image to your respective Lightbox folder.



Adding Additional Lightbox Folders

If you’d like to divide your images into more specific categories, or are inspired about other images on the site, you can create additional Lightbox folders to easily classify and later find all those great materials.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will now search for a “Mountain Landscape”.  Instead of having to repeat the prior steps, you can simply select the “+” option over the image of your choice and select “create a lightbox”, to start a new folder.



Just as you have done in the setup of your first Lightbox folder, please select a name for your folder, select “make this lightbox public”, and hit save.



Sharing the Lightbox

Once you’ve got your favorite images saved in your Lightbox, it’s time to share that folder with us at Arma Communications. This will allow us to add relevant images as needed and/or to your website to really make it shine!

All you’ve got to do now and open the Lightbox you want to share in your browser. To find your Lightboxes, click on the yellow ‘Saved’ star at the top of your page. An overview of all your saved images will load. On the left, you’ll find a menu with all of your Lightboxes listed. Click the one you wish to send.

When it’s open, find the URL at the top of your browser. Copy that link (Ctrl + ‘C’ on your PC or laptop) and then email it to us. And that’s it!


Have more than one? Open each Lightbox, copy the URL and send the list of URLs to us.

You are now a Lightbox pro!  Congratulations! From here on out, you can add Lightbox folders, and organize, save and share your images as you wish!