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Coaching & Seminars

While we are happy to perform all day to day marketing tasks – such as search engine optimization, email marketing or social media – for you, many of our clients want to perform these tasks in-house.

We train you and your staff

A marketing coach is a lot like a coach for any type of sports league or other team. A coach analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, then points you in the right direction to help you achieve those overall goals that you’ve set. And he or she sticks with you through the tough spots to make sure you understand the game plan and come out on top at the end of the day. There is a lot of focus on you, the small business owner, and how to overcome personal obstacles you’ve put in front of yourself, stay motivated, overcome stress and keep moving forward with your goals.

Marketing Seminars can mean the difference between a record breaking year or a dud. Our seminars, focusing on a variety of topics such as search engine optimization, guerrilla marketing tactics and social media strategies, take a hands-on approach to learning. During the length of our seminars and workshops you will learn how you can implement strategies to build your business and succeed at internet marketing.

Online Business Strategy Consulting

Whether you are new or old to advertising your business online, you’ve got to know that the Internet is highly competitive and success is not guaranteed overnight. Knowing that you have a great idea and finding a way to actually make money from it are entirely different concepts.

Arma Communications is ready to work with you to build a new website from the ground up to advertise your business online and maximize traffic and lead generation. If you already have a website, we offer consultations to help you recognize where problems lie with your current online strategy and assess ways to build new components to start bringing in revenues and capture leads.

Internet Marketing Strategy Development

Get your website to the top spot in the search engines and allow your website to be found by customers, whether it is a brand new site we build for you or a site you have had for years. There are several techniques to achieving this goal, but most of the following steps are still required.

  • Search Engine Optimization — Having a website is a great first step. But in order for people to actually find you online, you’ve got to have pages that are optimized for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If those search engines aren’t indexing your page when new information is added, your performance is going to suffer
  • Keyword Research — Knowing what words people are using to search for your services and products is crucial. But it is also important to recognize when a keyword is out of reach because there is too much global competition. We can help you locate “buyer keywords” and target the relevant keywords which will drive traffic to your business.
  • Link Building Strategies — Link building and backlinking strategies seem to become more complex every year. We stay on top of those trends and have individuals who do nothing else but focus on link building. Because there are literally millions of websites online today, you need someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to building links so you don’t get “slapped” by Google and kill your rank in the search engines.

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