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Our Process


  • Step One: The Marketing Health Analysis
    In order to find out exactly what your business needs, we perform a full marketing analysis to see where your business stands. Then we’ll make an appointment to sit down and discuss it together, including what steps you can take to improve your search engine rankings and develop your strong personal brand online.
  • Step Two: Develop a Strategy
    With a clear understanding of where your business stands against the competition, your target clients and your budget, we will propose what the best plan of action is. Together we will develop a strategy which will create the maximum impact for your company so that you can quickly start seeing results. A strategy may include many components such as website design & development, search engine optimization, local marketing profile setup, content creation for your website and an email marketing campaign.
  • Step Three: Implementation
    Once the strategy is complete, we will begin to implement it, working quickly and efficiently with our team to complete all of the tasks. Whether you’d like to leave all of the work to us or want to be more hands-on, we work with you to ensure that your website, email campaign and local presence continue to grow. The key to success in networking, marketing and business is consistency.
  • Step Four: Evaluation
    We communicate with our clients on a regular basis through all steps of the project to provide updates and obtain your feedback. We’ll also sit together routinely to evaluate the strategy and make adjustments as necessary.

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