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Search Engine Optimization

Arma Communications offers its clients the ability to benefit from our know-how in building traffic for your website. To make this process easy and efficient for you, we have assembled various packages for you to choose from depending on your needs. The key to a successful traffic generation campaign is to have the right balance between linking strategies in order to build authority rapidly and not end up in the dreaded Google “Sandbox”.

Keyword Reports

The first task we complete when you select a SEO package is compiling keyword reports. These reports will allow us to see exactly where your company currently stands in the Google rankings and it is also very valuable for us to know what keywords you think your business is targeting. These keyword reports also help us discover what keywords should be targeted in the future, based on traffic generated by those keywords, competing sites and the overall return potential. We will also look at your competition and determine what keywords they are targeting to see if we can slice off a piece of the search engine action for your business’ website using those keyword targets as well.

Once the keywords have been targeted, the SEO begins. We will advise you on things that you should change in the text or meta structure of your website, to help organic onsite traffic growth (and can help you implement them if need be). We also use offsite SEO techniques such as creating backlinks, listing the site in online directories to help boost backlink strength, social bookmarking campaigns (such as on StumbleUpon), creating link wheels, writing relevant keyword rich articles to submit to article marketing directories, creating and distributing press releases and so on.

When keyword competition is low, it is not always necessary to complete all of these tasks to achieve first-page rankings in the search engines. But highly competitive keywords do usually require a lot of work from many angles to achieve results which is why we offer different levels of SEO packages.


Flexibility of Services

At Arma Communications, we are flexible about the length of time you commit to a monthly SEO package to build the online presence you desire. SEO work may be something you do on a month-to-month basis…or if you can commit to a longer period of time, we certainly welcome that too.

Most of the time, it will take more than one month to really see results. In a low competition niche, you may see an impact after just one or two months. But with a highly competitive niche where millions and millions of sites want to be recognized for the same keyword string, it may take 6 months just for your site to start showing up in the search engines, and then you’ve still got to work your way through the rankings.

Each level of the SEO strategy is intended to strengthen the overall ranking of your website. You can also switch between packages at any point if you’d like to create more buzz initially, then roll back when you have secured your position.

For further details about what the components of our SEO packages include, please contact us.