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Keep Your Site Secure

Every month, dozens of robots, hackers and spammers wander across your website. Sometimes their intentions are simple and they merely want to share a message with you;  but other times, they are looking for security loopholes in your website so with hopes of hijacking your website.

When Arma Communications is providing maintenance for you WordPress website, you can rest assured that we’re keeping a close watch on all security concerns that may arise. And we’ll let you know when there is something you need to be worried about. Plus, if something goes wrong we will take measures to fix it and get you back online, often before you even know there was an issue.

Worry Free Backend Updates

WordPress is a powerful and dynamic framework for your website, opening up nearly endless possibilities to grow and change your website, as well as add capabilities within minutes instead of it taking days or even weeks of coding.

To keep the WordPress CMS running smoothly and free of vulnerabilities, it also requires regular updates and maintenance. All of that responsibility can bring a lot of stress – especially if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. The last thing you need to worry with when you’re trying to run a business is crashing your own website.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance plans ensure you won’t find yourself in the middle of a disaster when it comes to plugins, themes and WordPress core update headaches. And if there is trouble on the horizon, we’ll roll your site back to its latest stable version — or you can take advantage of our hourly Premium Support services to create a solution.

We are there for you!

Every month, we will send you a detailed report to keep you updated on every aspect of your website’s performance. If anything pops up during the maintenance phase that needs to be addressed, we provide tips on how to improve your site and fix any issues that may prevent your site from being as profitable as it could be.

Your dedicated Client Service Manager is your eyes and ears when it comes to your website. They will co-ordinate with our team of WordPress experts to consult you on any changes and repairs needed on your website.

Protect your Investment

Any type of computer system, phone or mobile device needs regular backups to protect your data in case of problems. WordPress website backups are equally important to protect your investment and to restore your website in case something bad happens.

With our WordPress Website Maintenance plan, we will handle this task for you every month, and maintain copies of both your website content and your theme. Relax, as we take timely backups and provide you with the most recent version so you have it at your fingertips if and when disaster strikes.

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Personal Attention

Don’t you hate it when you work with a company and every single time you give them a call it is yet another anonymous person on the other end of the line. Us too! When you let us handle your WordPress Website Maintenance, you will have a single point of contact to reach out to with all of your questions.

Also, when you have questions about functionality, features, upgrades or even just general marketing strategy, our monthly clients get first dibs when it comes to asking for our advice.

Our WordPress Website Maintenance Plan Includes:

WordPress Updates

Every time WordPress introduces a new update, we will update your website to the newest version of WordPress

Database Backup

We’ll regularly backup your site’s database, in case of an emergency, we can restore your website to its original state without loss of data.

Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a detailed report every month with information about leads generated, hacker attacks and more to keep you updated on all aspects of your website, plus suggestions about what can be done to improve performance.

E-Mail & Phone Support

You can call, email or skype your client service manager at any time with any questions you may have about your site and your online marketing activities.

Theme & Plugin Updates

We will update free and paid WordPress plugins and themes used on your website whenever a new version is rolled out.

Database Optimization

As part of our maintenance package we will regularly clean up your database to get rid of spam, outdated data or other potential problem sources.

Up-time Assurance

A website can only represent your business if your clients can access it. If your site goes down it might actually drive away potential clients. We monitor your website’s uptime 24 hours per day and will jump into action quickly if problems arise.

Test Server Creation

Test servers are a great to try out any changes and additions to your website, such as changes in your theme or the addition of a custom plugin without interrupting the day to day functionality of your website.

Hacker Protection

Hackers & Malware have become a real problem on the web. We execute full scans to identify security breaches and prevent potential attacks.

Content Backup

We will regularly backup your site’s themes, plugins and content so we can get your site back running as quickly as possible if something should go wrong.

Google Analytics Setup

See exactly what your site’s visitors are doing to see how you can improve your site even further for a smoother user experience. Don’t have Google Analytics installed? We’ll set up the service for you and provide you with access.

Security Fix-up

When you chose to start working with us, we’ll give your website an in-depth “physical” to determine if there are any security problems, or anything else that could have a negative impact on your site’s performance.

Free Security Review & Setup 

When you chose to entrust us with the care and maintenance of your WordPress website , our first step is to perform a thorough “physical” of your site. We will review your site to assess the current functionality of your site and will close any security holes that might be present. Once we complete this site check you can sleep securtiy, knowing that any potential security problems have been assessed and remedied.


Our WordPress Website Review & Setup includes:

  • We will setup a firewall, block malicious IP addresses and protect your site from outside threats.
  • We will secure your WordPress website’s admin area and restrict login attempts by unauthorized users
  • We will protect your admin area so unauthorized personnel can not make changes to themes and plugins
  • We will review comments and incoming links to remove spam or unauthorized content
  • We will create an initial backup of your site
  • We will assess your Google Analytics setup and install functionality if it is currently missing
  • We will analyze your site for broken links which could have a negative effect on your SEO efforts
  • We will provide you with a report to keep you informed about any issues we discovered and problems we solved.


What if my site isn't WordPress?

Internet technology evolves quickly and if you have not made the switch to running your site on the industry leading WordPress platform you might be behind the times. Arma Communications builds professional, custom websites on the WordPress framework — and we’d love to discuss creating your new dream website for you.

Do you offer WordPress development and customization?

Yes. Arma Communications tons of experience with website development, customization and maintenance. We’ve been building websites and e-commerce platforms for the past 15 years. We specialize in developing WordPress websites and themes, and would love to create a new up-to-date website custom made for your business.

We can also work with you to make changes to your existing website, whether you need to adjust your branding colors, add a new logo, or implement some on-site text updates.

Will you make my WordPress website mobile responsive?

In today’s world more than 30% of website visits come from mobile devices and having a mobile responsive website is not only a must for communicating with your customers, but also for your SEO efforts. Our maintenance plan does not include making your website mobile responsive, but we are happy to provide you an estimate of the costs associated with making your site mobile responsive.

Will you fix plugin errors on my site?

Every once in a while, a new version of a plugin reacts unfavorably with WordPress, or other  installed plugins. Remedying errors on your WordPress website is not part of our monthly maintenance plan. However, should problems arise, we will notify you in our monthly maintenance report and are available to further discuss an optimal solution for your website.

What happens if a plugin update crashes my website?

Our maintenance package was created to give you piece of mind and we will do everything in our power to get your site back up and running as soon as possible. Should a plugin cause problems with your website, we will take measures to roll back the plugin to its last stable version (if possible) — or will remove the problematic plugin until a stable solution can be found. You will be notified of any issues in our monthly maintenance report.