north collier fire

A Brand on Fire

The Challenge

Communities grow and transition on a regular basis, and part of that expansion may mean mergers of public services. After a merger of fire districts, our client needed a new website to match the new brand they’d created. They also needed support to create a variety of marketing materials which could not be created in-house. 

The Solution

Arma Communications was tasked to create a dynamic and robust website for the fire district which housed a lot of information while also being easy to navigate and update. Over a period of several years, we have integrated additional components into the website for the organization and designed a number of items from newsletters and annual reports to table skirts. 

Supporting the Community at Large

Proving Information & Fulfilling Requirements

The client’s former website was overflowing with information and was not very user-friendly. We crafted a custom WordPress theme for the fire district which meshed with their new branding standard, and left room for expansion for the future. The in-house team worked on a daily basis in the website, making updates and adding information. Arma Communications provided ongoing maintenance and hosting, and added a number of components from complex application forms to online payment portals for events over time. 

Creative Marketing Content

What do you do when you need a newsletter/annual report/materials for an expo/trading cards? Sometimes there are things that you in-house marketing team cannot provide. We were excited and challenged on a few occasions by the requests that this client has had over the years. We were proud to develop a range of professional templates for their annual reports and regular newsletters, as well as other items that were used during board meetings and other events. We even got to try our hands at designing trading cards for some of the firefighters which was a lot of fun. 

Inhouse Marketing Solutions for Your Business

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