Ancestor’s Creations

The Challenge

The gallery offers its customers a wide array of beautifully unique accessories, specializing in Native American silver jewelry from the American Southwest. The owners are both deeply connected to Native American art, culture, history, and spirituality, with fair sales in their brick and mortar locations. The family owned business was looking to send more traffic to their website and gain more sales to strengthen their bottom line. But even an increase in traffic wasn’t driving their sales upward.

The Solution

After Arma Communications conducted an extensive business intelligence analysis of the client’s web traffic, it was evident there was substantial amount of traffic being driven to their web page from social media and search engines. However, the Gallery’s online sales were nowhere near expectations. By implementing careful keyword targeting, on-page optimization, and specialized link targeting, we were able to double their conversion rate and therefore significantly increased their revenue stream.

Harness Traffic to Increase Revenues

Website Overhaul

Perusing the initial web page, it took six different clicks to actually reach a product to be purchased – which is a huge deterrent for customers. Arma Communications overhauled the website so that consumers would immediately reach the company’s products for sale, which greatly multiplied the company’s conversion rate. In addition, we changed the color scheme and overall look of the site to truly express the light, esoteric image and brand of the company.

E-Commerce Conversions

Maneuverability and accessibility of products for sale are imperative for a successful online venture. Arma Communications took a non-integrated, not filterable, and non-searchable web page and created an easily maneuverable, beautiful web page, with sufficient search and filter functionality, as well as featured product showcases, increasing the company’s online revenue stream by over 170%.

Search Engine Optimization

The client initially contracted Arma Communications to optimize their overall online Search Engine Optimization standings with a goal of increasing traffic to their website. After conducting a thorough business intelligence analysis, we discovered there was already a significant amount of traffic coming into their web page, but their conversation rates were very low. After two months of adjusting particular keywords, the company moved to the first page of online rankings and sales increased by drastic measures.

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