Securing Your Most Important Assets

The Challenge

As a business owner or manager, some of your business’ assets may be obvious to you. But others, like your social media or other online profiles, may become forgotten, especially during trade sales and transitions. Several of our clients have experienced situations where they sold or bought a business, but neglected to make sure that access to important items like websites, profiles, and domain names were secured.

The Solution

Whether you are planning a business transition or simply working on making sure you know where all your logins are, it is extremely important to keep a full list of all of our logins and access data in a secure location. Any business has a long list of passwords and user information to maintain, and there are wrong and right ways to do so. As a business owner, it’s always key to remain in control of all your assets.

Collect Your Business Assets

Not sure what assets you should be collecting? We’ve put together a checklist of the most common items that you should have if you’re planning a business trade sale or just want to ensure all your assets are secure. View it below or download the Essential Digital Business Assets Checklist as a PDF.

Worried about passwords and making them secure? There are lots of generators available to create extra secure passwords now. Or create your own personalized naming convention that is unique for each account yet difficult to break with extra characters. These may be harder to remember but using the same password everywhere is extremely dangerous. We recommend apps like to allow for easy password safety, sharing and retrieval.

Inhouse Marketing Solutions for Your Business

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