How to Join a WebEx Meeting - arma communications

Scheduling meetings on WebEx is an excellent avenue to save time on travel and alleviate any distance impediments. WebEx is an efficient service that offers us the opportunity to interact without our clients in the best ways possible. The steps below will help you get the interface setup and ready for us to collaborate.


Step 1- Check your emails to join meeting

Once we schedule a meeting with you, we will send you an “Invitation to WebEx Meeting” email. Within the email, will confirm the date and time.

Please click on the “join” button to start the process to logging into WebEx.


Step 2-  Sign in to WebEx as a guest

You will be redirected to a WebEx Meeting page. We suggest you attempt to log-in a few minutes before the meeting to have additional time, in case any trouble shooting needs to occur. On the right side of this screen, you will be asked to enter your Display Name and Email Address. Please enter your name under Display Name as well as your email address. After you have entered this information, please click on “Join As Guest”.



Step 3 – Download  and installation of application

Next, the “Step 1 of 2: Add WebEx to Chrome” will appear. Please select the “Add WebEX to Chrome” button.


Step 2 of 2, will ask you to will require you to Install WebEx. Although you can run WebEx on a temporary application, we suggest you Download WebEx again.


Please save the Cisco WebEx Application to your device.


Step 4- Get ready to start the meeting

Once you save the application, you will be redirected to the scheduled WebEx meeting main screen. Please be patient as WebEx commences the preparations for the meeting. This process may take a minute.


Once the meeting has finished its preparation stage, you are ready for the call!


We highly suggest you check your “computer audio” before the meeting to avoid any complications. You also have the option to call in the meeting yoursel f within the allotted meeting time.


Step 5 – ending the call

Once the host of the call has ended the conversation, you can close out the app.