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The Arma Team

Because your business' online marketing deserves to be managed by a team of experts

The Arma Communications team is comprised of specialized directors and experts who not only love being “geeks” and staying up to date on important industry news, but who are also just awesome at their jobs and enjoy doing them. While most of our team sits in our Naples FL Headquarters office, we also have team members in Seattle, the Phillippines, Austria, India and a few other places around the globe. Thankfully, digital technologies like Skype, email, Dropbox and more make it easy to communicate around the world instantly, so even our furthest team members are never more than a few clicks away.


Stefan Muehlbauer

Internet Marketing & Communications Strategist

With over two decades of extensive diversified experience, our CEO and Internet Marketing & Communications Strategist, Stefan Muehlbauer, is a mastermind in business and economic development. Not only does Stefan have an exemplary track record of astonishing capabilities through astronomic market growth of companies, strategic plan development, and implementation of account opportunities, but he also exudes success in all his philanthropic endeavors

  • Business Development 95%
  • Video Production 90%
  • Materketing Strategy Development 100%

Tiffany Muehlbauer

Creative Director 

An absolute anomaly, our Creative Director. Tiffany Muehlbauer, outrivals in every area of business she delves into. In her successful career in the financial world, she excelled as the Global Head of Marketing at a leading European brokerage firm. Tiffany then decided to embrace her creativity and business expertise, and has implemented it with a touch of magic to create countless websites and e-commerce portals.

  • Wordpress 95%
  • WooCommerce 90%
  • Asana 100%

Jeremiah Holder

Director of Mobile App Development

Our ingenious tech nerd and Director of Mobile App Development, Jeremiah Holder, is a mastermind in mobile product development. Having been an essential part of crucial projects for companies such as Boeing, Jeremiah has brought his irreplaceable knowledge to our team to create mobile applications of stellar magnitude and capabilities.

  • Mobile Apps 95%
  • Project Management 100%
  • Non Profit Helper 100%

Cynthia Rosenfeld

Director of Social Media

Cynthia Rosenfeld, our Director of Social Media, certainly has an unprecedented way with words. With over twenty years of experience in leading marketing agencies in the US, she has mastered the craft of marketing campaigns, brand promotion, progress monitoring, analytic tools, all the while being the preeminent relentless voice of the company and the clients she represents.

  • Facebook 99%
  • Community Management 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Pete Chappell


Pete Chappell has been a professional photographer for three decades. As a master of his art, he found his passion specializing in real estate, business, and thousands of diverse properties. To outperform his shine, he is also a virtuoso at processing the pictures to perfection.

  • Photoshop 100%
  • Great Angles 100%
  • Nikon 95%