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Custom Web Design and Content Consulting

The Challenge

Purpose Journey aspires to help others achieve positive transformations and to seize opportunities in the lives of individuals and companies that will offer growth on many levels.  The firm offers affordable and inviting learning and coaching possibilities to individuals and consulting, training and coaching for organizations. Purpose Journey was in need of a brand new and easily maneuverable website that clearly illustrates all its outstanding and empowering services available. But it needed to be done with a simple interface that allows visitors to find the right solution for them quickly.

The Solution

The most important task was to create a solid, professional website which would convey the amazing brand that Purpose Journey has created and which would highlight the array of competent, effective, empowering and life changing services offered. Once we had the framework of Purpose Journey’s website complete, we delved into learning their business even better and performed in-depth consulting services on the content the company was to write themselves. Once we intertwined the customized platform of the new user-friendly website and the fantastic content the organization created for themselves, a unique, informative and successful website was created to generate new leads and help others live a fuller life.


Website Before & After

Day Turnaround

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Team Members

Purpose Filled Website

An Online Home With a Purpose

Custom Designed Website

After knowing Lisa Gruenloh for several years and knowing how passionate she is about life and business, it was essential to try to capture that personality in her website and convey all that she offers in her consulting and coaching sessions. We held a roadmapping meeting session to capture the details of what she wanted and all that she needed to convey on the website, along with doing it in a logical way that flows nicely for site visitors — but that also matches her branding. In order to depict her various levels of service and coaching, we created an interactive and professional site that allows successful maneuverability and a clear depiction of her services.  The website is thriving and continues to bring in business.


Content Consulting

When developing a brand new website, it is crucial to create content that will keep users engaged, informed and on the website.  As Purpose Journey’s founder, Lisa Gruenloh, wanted to create the written content of her exemplary services on her own, Arma Communications offered in depth consulting, explaining the necessity of a proper framework and user-friendly navigation with appropriate written content.  It was also important to separate and highlight each area of services for viewers to understand Purpose Journey’s many wonderful service offerings as a whole. We provided created complex pages to showcase the information on the page in an easy to read and logical format, with a Call to Action clearly embedded on each page.
  • Quick and Easy to Maintain 100%
  • Share Lots of Information with the Potential Clients 100%
  • Upcoming Events Calendar 75%
  • Lots of Calls to Action 85%

The Ultimate Outcome

Arma Communications developed an ongoing relationship with Purpose Journey that has not only rendered a new custom designed, interactive webpage, but reflects the image, brand and purpose of the organization.  With user-friendly capabilities, clear depiction of primary areas of focus such as consulting, coaching, training and speaking, as well as various services performed, and an events calendar to showcase public events, Purpose Journey now has a fantastic, engaging, and maneuverable website that will inform new potential clients and attract new well-targeted leads.

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