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What We Do

To answer that question in one sentence: We help you generate more leads and foster stronger customer relationships using the internet.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed or lost when it comes to your web presence and marketing strategy, we are here to help you find your way back on the path to success. 

Your time is valuable. And your investments in your business should provide a positive ROI. So when you work with Arma Communications, not only will you be establishing yourself with a solid foundation online, but also one that is cost effective. Read more about our process

Web Design & Web Development

Our Naples web design team, led by experienced project managers, will help you build the perfect website for your business, or make suggestions on how to improve your current website to make it more effective in capturing leads and new customers for your business. We utilize cutting edge design strategies to make your online presence more effective in growing your business.

Web Site Content Development & Copywriting

Content is king – but often it is difficult or even impossible for business owners to create the needed content essential to their website. While many Naples Web Design agencies focus only on the technical aspect, leaving business owners to scramble for their own content, we help you put the right foot forward. Utilizing our team of expert copywriters, photographers and videographers we can create virtually all types of content your customers would like to see on your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website is only good when potential customers visit it. Google and the other major search engines are a major help leading customers to your website, but most un-optimized websites fall between the cracks. When it comes to SEO it is like web design, large promises with only few companies delivering on their promise. At Arma Communications we employ a team of SEO experts focused on getting your sites found on page 1 of the search engines.

Web Site Hosting & Maintenance

Every website needs regular maintenance to perform at its optimum. We provide comprehensive and professional hosting and webmaster services to make sure your site is up and running, eager to welcome your potential clients, and working smoothly. Much like a house or a car, regular maintenance and preventative care go  a long way in keeping things running smoothly.

Local Search Marketing

With the widespread use of mobile phones to browse the internet, and a more mobile internet experience all together, having your business show up in local and mobile searches is paramount. We have the experience necessary to drive local customers to your business through local search optimization and mobile optimization.

Social Media Management

Facebook and other social media networks have become an integral part of our lives. Smart businesses use social media every day to drive more traffic to their business. Let our social media consulting team build and implement the perfect strategy for your business.

Email & Newsletter Marketing

One of the best and most cost effective way of attracting new clients is the use of email and newsletter marketing. Performed correctly (and in compliance with law) we believe that this method of marketing remains one of the easiest way to foster interaction with past, current and potential clients.

Coaching & Training

We understand that internet marketing is becoming a much more integral part of business – with more and more internet marketing tasks being handled in house. We, at Arma Communications, believe in giving you the tools to not only manage your online presence but give you the knowledge to do it professionally. We offer seminars, coaching and workshops to individuals or teams, both at our own location and at your site.